Growth Over Time vs. Growth Overnight

Published November 12, 2021

Think about all the things that you invest in. Think about all the things that you take care of.

Like many people, you’re not going to have just one car your entire life, you’re going have multiple cars. With all those cars, you’ll probably take them in for a tune up. You’ll get oil changes, put gasoline in them, wash them, etc. But you only get one body. You only get one brain.

So many of us go through life constantly, just enduring it, getting beat up, not resting, not learning, not growing. We end up finding ourselves feeling stagnant.

I think the reason why it’s valuable for you to invest in yourself as a leader is because you only get one you.

The key to happiness is this one word—progress.

You don’t have to grow overnight, but if you choose to grow over time, you’re going to find yourself walking in a deeper joy.

If we’re not careful, we can be addicted to finish lines.

I’m not addicted to a finish line. My one goal is a word called growth. I want to grow. I don’t have to grow overnight. I don’t have to be the best today, but I have to get better today.

Investing in your leadership helps you get better, and as a result, other people around you get better too. For example:

  • As I learn what it means to be a better husband, I have a happier wife.
  • As I discover what it means to be a better father, I start raising epic, awesome children.
  • As I learn how to be a better pastor, I just don’t believe I preached my best message, I believe I can preach a better one.


If we’re not careful, we can be addicted to finish lines.

I don’t believe that I’ve seen my best days yet, I believe there’s better ones to come—it’s a mindset that you take on. It’s the mindset to say, I want to grow. I want to learn and I’m going to invest into me. This is the only vehicle I have until I step into eternity. I must take care of it. I’m going to make sure I watch over it—I want to grow, and I want to improve.


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